REMEMBER: Everybody is different and many of us have multiple conditions (and probably medications). Always consult with a physician, cross check your medications, and make sure any changes are conducive to your condition and lifestyle!

Prescription Medications – Which prescriptions are right for you? What are they for? What are the side effects? Information about commonly prescribed medications.

OTC (Over the Counter) Medications and Supplements – From Aspirin to Slim Fast Shakes, Sleep aides to Benedryl. What are the benefits and drawbacks to OTC medications and supplements?

Natural Treatment Options – Herbal teas, aromatherapy, meditation, and other natural options are becoming more common. Some are newly discovered while others are ancient techniques. What all is involved? What are the pros and cons? What works and what is just the newest hype or fad?


The ultimate source for living with an invisible condition.

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