Helpful Products

Things that can be purchased locally, on Amazon, or however to help with the difficulties of living with a chronic condition.

Gluten Free Sample Baskets: $25 actually gets you a nice box of goodies. It changes every month, sometimes they even have smaller sample boxes or larger boxes, sometimes specialty boxes, but they give you a lot of goodies. Best thing, no need to sign up! You can, and get a few dollars off each one, but I only ordered one, didn’t sign up for the subscription, and was super happy. I  got a boot-size shoe box of samples and full-size snacks as well as coupons for even more! It was an awesome way to try new stuff. They also do GIVEAWAYS from the individual companies. Check it out!

GlutenAway Online Expo

Plantar Fasciitis? The persistent feeling of razor blades in your feet can be awful, especially if you are on your feet a lot. These things helped me so much when I was doing clinicals a few years ago:

Body Pillows:  Honestly, it takes 3 different pillows wedged around my bad back, aching knee, and painful hip for me to get comfortable. Not to mention the one under my head has to be the right height. A body pillow is awesome for anyone who needs all the support they can get to help sleeping be a bit less of a pain. Click the pictures below to check out the available options.



The ultimate source for living with an invisible condition.

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