Gifts for Warriors

What to get for the person that just wants a cure or a day without pain or a day of feeling some semblance of normal. Well, it might not be much, but here are a few ideas.


Gluten Free Snack Baskets – They change monthly (monthly box is $25) as well as have specialty boxes and other sizes at higher and lower prices. I tried it and definitely got the bang for my buck. And I’m poor, so that means a lot!

Coloring Books – Not everyone can enjoy these. Some conditions are not friendly for holding a color pencil or marker, although never be afraid to buy those fat elementary school pencils! But coloring has been found to be therapeutic and relaxing. I, for one, have a box of books and a box of pencils and markers and really do love to color when my hands are up for the task. Click the picture below to check out the selection on Amazon.



The ultimate source for living with an invisible condition.

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