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Cooking isn’t always easy. Add on special dietary needs, being tired, hurting, brain fog, and whatever else, and every little bit of help is widely accepted. So how about some recipe ideas and a few tips and tricks? Just click on the bold title to go to the topic!

Titles of the recipes will be followed by GF (gluten free), DF (dairy free), and V (vegan) if those options are provided. If there is another thing you would like specified, please let me know!




Side Dishes


Tips and Tricks

  • Meal plan LOOSELY. Have at least one alternative and easier meal in mind for the food you buy in case you don’t feel up to making the harder meal.
  • Buy and/or cook for multiple meals. It’s cheaper to buy big packages that can be split into several meals. You can either split it ahead of time (like with frozen goods) or when you use it. Even better, make a double sized meal when you are feeling good and freeze half for the rough days.
  • Make or buy easy meals for the rough days. Homemade soup can be frozen in gallon bags or sealed containers, meats and produce can be frozen in sauces. And it may not be super healthy, but your children can have canned or frozen premade meals on occasion (or even homemade ones).
  • Cut up vegetables ahead of time and freeze them for use. I dice an onion and then freeze it in a Tupperware container, shaking it up as it freezes. I grab some when I need them. I freeze carrots after putting diced ones in one bag for stir fry, medallions in another for soup or roast, and leftover pieces into a container I can add other pieces to for a vegetable soup or side dish.
  • Crockpot meals, roasts, casseroles, and soups are great. Put it in a pot, season, cook, serve. Simple and you can make them wholesome.
  • We have leftover night at least once a week (mostly because I am really nervous about food being in the fridge for long periods of time). Those nights, I either combine what we have in to a meal, or everyone picks which they are going to eat. And if things go really well, they will wash their own dishes too. HA
  • Speaking of leftovers, I try (when I think about it) to have meals that the leftovers can combine to be a new meal. Roast with carrots and potatoes one night and beef tips with corn and mashed potatoes another equals a soup of leftovers. Although that isn’t my preferred meals, let alone in the same week. I can’t think of a good example but I will add one when I do!!
  • Don’t or can’t stand around over a frying pan (or boiling pot)? Well, that is usually not the healthiest way to cook anyways, but still. I have learned the beauty of the microwave and oven. I have made bacon in the oven, and it was awesome and I didn’t get burned or splashed (I lose temp regulation in my fingers…can’t tell you how many times I have flipped bacon with them and had some gnarly burns later), mashed potatoes in the microwave is easy as hell. In fact, many veggies go in the microwave and meats in the oven. Properly seasoning, sealing and heating and there ya go.



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