Warrior Wall

Living with a chronic, lifelong medical condition makes one a warrior. The daily struggles, challenges, the strength and persistence is not something to take lightly. Warriors come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and various other forms. Here are the warriors I have come across. Click on their picture to read about them (some may not have links just yet).

Would you like to be on the warrior wall or know someone who should be here? Please send their name (or what the name they would like to be referred to as), a picture of them (or an image they would prefer if they do not want their picture posted), more than three sentences about their life, their story, their conditions or anything else that defines this person, and any links they would like shared of their social pages, websites, personal business sites, etc. to kegoramune@yahoo.com with the subject “Warrior Wall.” Thanks!

Amanda Boyce
Desiree Robinson






Lily from More Sleep Please
Laura – Laughing While You’re Crying



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