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Is the “CBD oil” sold online as legal in all 50 states legit?

The truth behind hemp-based “CBD oil” and MLMs.

The Pain of Ignorance

Frustration with the lack of understanding of our condition.

A Lasting Message from a Warrior

The last and lasting words of a fellow warrior, Anne Ortegren.

The Fine Print of Fibro Goes Wide

Now available on most platforms and ereaders!

Pill Head, Pot Head, New Age Health Nut, and let me tell you what really works….

The Benefit of Furbabies: Anxiety, Depression, and Well-Being

How animals can benefit some conditions.

You have to take care of You

You need to be your number one priority. You can’t help anyone else until you take care of you first!

Medicaid and Medicare to adopt CDC guidelines as Law

U.S. Medicaid policies may be changing to accommodate strict CDC “suggestions.”

Does Signing a Pain Contract Feel Like Signing Away Your Dignity?

The difficulties in signing a form that makes you feel more like a criminal than a patient.

Disabilities Act in Education Page Disappears Under New Politicians (Huffington)

The loophole that helped me when my health ruined my college education may not be around for future generations.

Pain Cream Fraud Alert (

Cream catering to neurological conditions is as fraudulent as it sounds.

The ultimate source for living with an invisible condition.

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