Is the “CBD oil” sold online as legal in all 50 states legit?

PSA for Online CBD oil – “legal in all 50 states!”

Unfortunately, no. What you are buying is an extremely low quality hemp oil (going on the US definition, which is the lowliest weed in the weed tree) that has little to no CBD in it with added dyes and additives. CBD oil is not legal in all 50 states, for starters, and so there is the first red flag with these sites.

Often many experience placebo-effects from the oil they buy and use, but rarely do they experience legitimate benefits from what these sites sell. The oils are not regulated, tested, or on anyway monitored by anyone (just like dietary supplements and herbal treatments) and thus often is more vegetable glycerin than anything else.

Medical grade, legitimate CBD oil can be greatly beneficial to some people with some conditions and is a decent treatment option if it works for you and you are able to get any legitimate CBD oil. But please, do not spend money on something you aren’t sure about (especially since most of these sites are MLMs) and especially if it seems too good to be true. Always research to company and their oil and try to find sites that are not owned by that company, are blogs, or sites that are biased in other capacities. Check out the BBB, FDA (they have a growing list of vendors with confirmed fake products), or other dependable source.

Attached is an article about the specifics, and easier to read than the DEA law pages and scientific analysis of randomly tested “online retailers”.

Excerpt: The CBD oils that are advertised online and that say they are legal to ship to non-medical cannabis states, are not made from the same type of cannabis plant as the CBD products in medical cannabis states.

There are three types of cannabis – indica, sativa and ruderalis. While all three produce cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, cannabis ruderalis (also referred to as hemp) does not contain them in a high enough concentration to have a therapeutic effect. Because hemp products are legal to import to the U.S. and ship from state to state (although growing the hemp plant is federally illegal), companies are taking large amounts of hemp plants and processing them harshly to try and derive enough CBD to call their oil a “CBD product.”

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