Lily from More Sleep Please

From Amanda: I met this Chronic Pain Warrior amongst my browsings on Facebook. Lily, like many, was given a crap hand and has had her struggles. Her dark humor and wit, along with the strength she has in dealing with the mess that life is, comes as a refreshing taste of blunt but honest words in a world that often goes muted and hushed. Check out her Facebook and give her a follow!
Lily’s Story:
I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in 2007. Well, I say ‘diagnosed,’ but what happened was that the consultant through a flimsy scrap of leaflet at me whilst suggesting that I “go and look it up.”No details were given nor were there any explanations.
Before that, I led a very active social life and was heavily involved with weight training, yoga, tai-chi and kick-boxing. But at the height of an epidemic, I contracted swine flu and suddenly my life as I once knew it, was taken away.
The after effects of the flu left me with a chest infection, followed by gastroenteritis and after a few weeks, I begun to suffer from violent body tremors which made it increasingly difficult to couldn’t walk or talk. I was sore and stiff and every step I took resulted in pain and tiredness. The body tremors which contracted the muscles in my back, have never fully relaxed, even after 10 years. This has affected both my hips and legs my legs and now I use a walking stick to get around. As well as the numerous symptoms of fibro, I also suffer from Osteoarthritis, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Lupus, Hypothyroidism, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME, (I refuse to group ME and CFS together as there are acute differences between the two conditions) Degenerative Disc Disease and arthritis of the eyes. Most days I am bed bound and my child has now become my career. The guilt I feel about this is enormous. No child should have to take care of their parent. I still haven’t mourned the life that I once had and although I often feel like giving up, I still hold a little hope that one day, a cure will be found.

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