Common Names: Pregabalin

What is it for?

  • Nonconvulsant to control seizures

  • nerve and muscle pain (Fibromyalgia, Shingles, diabetes, spinal cord injuries)

How is it administered? oral


  • Can not be used with oral diabetes medication

  • Can not be used with ACE inhibitors

  • can cause drowsiness and lethargy

  • Can cause rapid weight gain, water retention, and swelling

  • Can worsen mood disorders

  • Can cause an irregular heartbeat

  • occasionally causes skin problems

Danger signs:

  • Constipation, dry mouth, and dehydration

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Swelling in throat and neck

  • Extreme mood swings

Check with your doctor before taking any medication to make sure you do not have conditions or prescriptions that will interact badly with the medicine.


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