From the author of The Fine Print of Fibro, this website was created for people with, or people who know someone with, chronic pain and/or invisible illness and diseases. The Fine Print of Pain was made to help provide fact-based information, news, research, definitions, and explanations about many invisible conditions. The site also aims to help others feel less alone, give advice on coping mechanisms and lifestyles, and to share personal stories. Everything from prescriptions to herbal remedies, traditional and surgical treatments,  scams and fraud to legitimately helpful sources, and everything in between!

To read Amanda Fulghum’s story, check out the About section. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, inquiries, or suggestions HERE.

I could use any input! Sections you would like me to focus on getting done first, personal stories you would like to add, stuff for the humor sections, and anything else! Contact me through the site, on Facebook or at kegoramune@yahoo.com. Until I get articles written for every section, some might directly link to sites and pages that have pertinent info to help you out until I get them done. Thanks!


The website is far from finished and is a massive work in progress. With no revenue being made off of the site, it will take some time to get everything completed and fully finished. Thank you for your patience and check back often!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a practicing or licensed medical professional. The advice given in this book is simply a rough guide from my own experiences, research, studies, and knowledge. If you have a serious medical problem or fear you may have one, please contact emergency services and/or your physician. I am not responsible for how the information on this site is used and cannot be held accountable for medical problems resulting from the advice on this site. Always seek advice from a medical professional regarding medical problems, medications, or lifestyle changes that affect your health.

The ultimate source for living with an invisible condition.

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